Fails of the Week: Watch Out Johnny! (December 2017) | FailArmy

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The first Fails of the Week of December is here! With a hysterical bouquet toss, a crazy ATV fail and a slide double fail; this month is shaping up to be incredible! Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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Dad Hits Son With Basketball at Carnival Game
Little Girl Falls and Trips Older Sister
Guy Playing Guitar Fails Basketball Shot
Guy Gets Knocked Off Teeter-Totter
Cat Tries to Take Sticker Off Head
Girl Gets Knocked Over by Large Wave at Amusement Park
Woman Slips After Catching Bouquet
Gymnast Faceplants While Trying to Flip
Guy Slips While Trying to Juggle Soccer Ball
Guy Falls off Dance Pole
Teen Tries to Do Trick on Skateboard
Guy Fails Backflip at Beach
Little Boy Gets Toilet Seat Stuck on Head
Guy Fails to Jump Over Fence
Woman Gets Stuck in Mud at Beach
Guy Drives ATV into Spectator
Guy Fails to Drill Through Ice
Girl Falls into Lake
Girl Falls Off Bed While Attempting to Dance
Guy Slips off Slide and Falls in Mud
Freerunner Shows off Parkour Falls
Girl Stumbles off Paddleboard
Girl Breaks Dance Pole
Tree Removal Knocks Down Lamppost
Guy Falls off Swing Set While Attempting Backflip
Little Girl Spins and Falls Into Laundry Basket
Guy Wipes Out While Wakeboarding
Dad Catches Baby Rolling Off Bed
Guy in Wheelchair Falls Out of Boat
Gender Reveal Box Falls on Father
Grandma Eats Grass
Guy Falls Backward off Hoverboard
Snowboarder Flies off Ramp and Crashes Into Bag
Guy Flies off Jet Ski During Record Attempt
Woman Falls While Practicing Parachute Emergency Procedures
Guy Pretends to Be Asleep While Driving
Kite Drags Boy Across Field
Guy Rides Bike Into Canal

Fails of the Week: Watch Out Johnny! (December 2017) | FailArmy
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